Premier League Creates AR Experience for Summer Series

Premier League Creates AR Experience for Summer Series

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Once again, the Premier League taps into the enormous potential of immersive technologies to create an exciting AR Experience for its viewers at home. Through an immersive visual transmission accessed via a smartphone app, viewer engagement, and retention will be enhanced. By that token, Premier League partners with Doppelgänger,  a metaverse agency,  to create and deliver its customized AR visuals. 

More so, the promotion will take advantage of location-based AR visuals. Combining the real and virtual worlds in the various summer series US host cities. Making it enjoyable for users to access the cities. 

To guarantee a captivating  AR experience, Doppelgänger partnered with AR developer Rose Digital. They worked to enable location-based visuals by utilizing the famous Niantic 8thWall AR engine, owned by Niantic. The engine allowed them to power various immersive experiences for mobiles.

Niantic has a track record of partnering with different brands. It has previously partnered with different brands to engage in marketing campaigns to add to its credibility. Some of these campaigns included the popular Pokemon. The Managing Director doppelganger aired how augmented reality and other metaverse platforms support brands to establish loyalty and connect with their audiences in exciting ways.

Proctor further stated:

“The Premier League has always been a pioneer in innovation, and we are thrilled to collaborate with them in promoting the Summer Series. We are proud to play a small role in allowing fans in the US to experience the magic of the Premier League like never before.”

Based on the recent news, the enthralling promotional AR event will occur from July 22 to 30. During this period, viewers can collect up to 20 trophies representing six Premier League clubs in the summer series. Some of these clubs include – Aston Villa, Brentford, Brighton & Hove Albion, Chelsea, Fulham, and Newcastle United. These clubs will participate in the Premier League Summer Series across various locations such as Philadelphia, Atlanta, Orlando, New Jersey, and Maryland. These locations will offer location-based AR Experience.

Using AR to reach new international audiences, Alexandra Willis, the Director of Digital Media and Audience Development at the Premier League, highlighted the significance of the AR Experience as the association expands its presence in the USA, enabling them to connect with a new fan base.

Willis added:

“We have greatly enjoyed collaborating with Doppelgänger to create this Augmented Reality mobile experience, extending this landmark moment beyond the stadium. We hope to engage with even more people across the USA this summer and simultaneously learn how fans want to interact and engage with this innovative technology.”

The service also added gaming elements, putting viewers on the spot to compete for the most trophies. In addition, the virtual event provides a map that enables users to explore AR spaces, discover trophies, and win fantastic prizes. 

Like in any other competition, inning players are entitled to rewards. The rewards include VIP tickets for Premier League Summer Series matches, signed shirts, and Premier League Summer Series merchandise. So, the more trophies a user collects, the higher their chances of winning valuable prizes.

It is interesting to note that this exciting experience is now live on the Premier League’s website in preparation for the event later this month. Furthermore, the location-based visuals are not accessible to viewers of the League’s host cities.

The Premier League also introduces a lite experience for fans in other US states. This allows them to place an AR Premier League Trophy anywhere in their real-world surroundings and take immersive selfies with the visualization.

Premier League’s History with Immersive Broadcasting

Last year, in August 2022, Premier League collaborated with AR hardware and software development companies. This partnership was geared towards enhancing their broadcasting events. Some of these companies, such as  Xreal (formerly Nreal) and BT Sports, worked with Premier League to incorporate AR visuals and 5G connectivity for improved viewer engagement.

Moreover, this partnership utilized Xreal’s Air and Light smart glasses, designed for immersive media streaming. With these glasses, viewers can enjoy media content on virtual screens of up to 106 inches in size. 

Wearing Xreal smart glasses at home, viewers can witness live RT3D AR player and game metrics. They can also navigate immersive streaming applications and interact with AR assets using their connected smartphones as input devices.

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