UneeQ Launch Software Development Kit to Deploy AI Experiences

UneeQ Launch Software Development Kit to Deploy AI Experiences

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UneeQ is a global provider of digital human technology. It recently announced the launch of its innovative Software Development Kit.  The SDK aims to skyrocket the process of disseminating AI-powered experiences into virtual environments. The kit enhances how exciting digital human experiences are pumped into augmented and virtual reality applications, like Apple’s cutting-edge Vision Pro.

According to research conducted by  Gartner in 2026, an estimated 25% of individuals spend nearly 60 minutes daily engaging in VR activity. This could be related to entertainment, shopping, work, socializing, etc. In expectation of this paradigm shift, UneeQ’s new SDK allows brands to integrate AI-digital humans into their AR or VR applications seamlessly. 

According to Metaverse Officer, Victor Yuen, integrating virtual and human experiences is the new future

Yuen expressed this by saying;  In this new immersive computing age, AI digital human interfaces will be the new UX paradigm,” remarks UneeQ’s Chief Metaverse Officer, Victor Yuen. “Let’s take retail, for example, customers don’t walk into shops to flick through brochures or tap on touchscreens. They want to talk to an expert.”

Similarly, Gartner also forecasts that by 2027,  some B2C brands will apportion specific budgets for human digital experiences in the metaverse, with the responsibility resting in the hands of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

UneeQ’s CEO, Danny Tomsett, says “The new SDK empowers enterprises to take the lead in digital transformation while accelerating the productive uses of mixed realities. UneeQ’s new SDK marks a significant milestone in the evolution of digital human technology, and the very-near future of online commerce will become more intimate and personalized. Having a product expert in your living room to talk through and answer any questions is not the work of science-fiction anymore; it’s in the hands of brands who want to unlock this future.”

One such brand is Dell Technologies which recently released Clara – a digital human developed by UneeQ. 

The innovative digital human, Clara, connected with thousands of visitors in 3D space, providing personalized experiences throughout the conference. In broader terms, digital humans have been deployed to develop interactive experiences for mobile, web, and virtual worlds.

Prominent companies like L’Oréal, Deutsche Telekom, and Benz have also adopted digital humans to create exciting customer experiences. UneeQ’s new SDK is compatible with a myriad of developer-friendly tools. This allows enterprises to generate digital humans on various platforms swiftly. 

The ability of SDK to deploy swiftly is a significant characteristic. One that eliminates the need for complex coding. With complex coding out of the way, brands can easily simulate experiences into different channels. 

“By eliminating the need for custom development and providing a painless deployment process, we are ensuring that brands can effortlessly tap into the power of lifelike digital humans in a way they haven’t been able to before,” Tomsett continues.

“We believe that the future of customer engagement lies in this seamless integration of virtual beings, and UneeQ is proud to lead the way in this transformative journey.”

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