Xerox acquires CareAR, an AR company

Xerox acquires CareAR, an AR company

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Xerox has recently acquired CareAR, an AR support platform firm providing real-time access to professionals for employees, customers, and field workers.

Using CareAR software, remote employees and professionals can virtually view the situation and lead a solution using a suite of AR tools via mobile, smart glass, or desktop.

Almost o third of field service on-site calls need remote assistance to resolve problems but cannot adequately communicate the setting of the situation. It leads to delays, leading to negative customer perception. Equipment downtime is costly, running from USD0.3 to USD5 million per hour.

“Our software solutions address some of the biggest needs for customers – content management, digital transformation, and personalized communications. And now we’ve added enterprise augmented reality. By combining DocuShare®, XMPie, and CareAR, we have a Software business that can together and apart supports a wide range of clients’ needs.” – Steve Bandrowczak, President and COO, Xerox. 

Sam Waicberg, VP and GM of Xerosx’s Digital Services and former Co-founder and CEO of CareAR, will lead the expanded Software division.

CareAR’s platform integrates with ServiceNow, making sure an end-to-end system to cases, work orders, and incidents.

“CareAR’s augmented reality software, which is integrated and certified with ServiceNow, helps customers remotely view and solve service issues. Xerox’s acquisition of this technology can help drive further opportunities to modernize field service, customer support and IT services leveraging the power of the Now Platform and CareAR.” – Michael Ramsey, VP, Customer Workflow Product Management, ServiceNow.

ServiceNow is partnering with Deloitte to combine the CareAR software for ServiceNow into the operations service platform and support joint clients’ workflows.

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