Canon’s MREAL S1 XR headsets to be priced at $38,000
MREAL S1 XR headsets

Canon’s MREAL S1 XR headsets to be priced at $38,000

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Canon’s latest Mixed-Reality MREAL S1 XR glasses are priced at $38,500. Canon showcased the MREAL S1 headset last year, which is set to be launched this year. The XR headset supports both VR and AR. The user can either hang the video in front of their eyes for AR, or they can look through the headset for the virtual reality effect.

MREAL S1 XR headset is assumed to launch in February 2021. Till now, it is the lightest and smallest headset from Canon’s MREAL product series. The weight of the XR headset is 137 grams and is around 338 grams when it is connected to its HMD unit.

The S1 XR headset has a resolution of 1,600 x 1,200 pixels. The vertical field of view is 34 degrees, and the horizontal field of view is 45 degrees.

The MREAL S1 Mixed Reality headset is not bound to a mounted display. So, users can use it both as a head-mounted device for enterprise users on the go as well as a handheld device. The design, size, and built suggests that the headset was actually developed to target the mass customers, but DC Watch is anticipating that the headset could be priced around 4 million Japanese Yen ($38,500). This price is so high that the XR headset could only be suitable for large companies.

The $38,500 price is expected to cover Canon’s mixed reality software, maintenance costs and other services. The MREAL S1 XR headsets are expected to be made available towards the end of February.

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