Snap Original Breakwater Will Feature an AR Lens for Each Episode
Snap AR Lens for Breakwater

Snap Original Breakwater Will Feature an AR Lens for Each Episode

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Breakwater, a new Snap Original set in a futuristic world of climate refugees, will make its debut on Snapchat later this week, with each new episode bringing a unique immersive augmented reality experience.

Retrofit Films has produced the 10 episode series, with each new episode rolled out every 48 hours. It will feature lenses built by Anrick Bregman and Studio Anrk using Snap Inc.’s AR technology and its Lens Studio tools. The lenses incorporate cutting-edge features, such as object identification, weather detection, and world mesh.

Snapchatters can access a 4G lens for each of the ten installments. Moreover, a 5G version of the lens will be available exclusively to Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband customers for the debut episode of the series.

The official description for Breakwater states, “In the dangerous coastal slums outside the Los Angeles Seawall, people dream of winning the visa lottery to the safe zone while Mai, a savvy 20-year-old fixer who grew up in the Breakwater, must race against an impending hurricane to complete a mission for survival.”

The series stars Te Ao o Hinepehinga Rauna, Felix Avitia, Jan Luis Castellanos, Jonetta Kaiser, and Alan Trong.

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