Holo-Light develops ‘ISAR’ streaming solution for server-based VR and AR apps

Holo-Light develops ‘ISAR’ streaming solution for server-based VR and AR apps

Holo-Light, an immersive software provider, has published that it has produced a remote rendering solution that can stream AR and VR apps in real-time through the cloud or local servers. Holo-Light also mentioned that ISAR (Interactive Streaming for Augmented Reality) platform serves the purpose of performance restrictions because of the inadequate computing power of mobile augmented and virtual reality smartphones and smart glasses.

“By rendering each application remotely as a whole, ISAR enables visualization and interaction with highly polygonal, data-intensive content such as 3D objects, 3D CAD models, or BIM data. The CPU and GPU of the end device are only required to a small extent, which will help reduce the size of the end devices and optimize the form factor in the long term. Remote rendering enables AR and VR content to be experienced in unprecedented detail and complexity, from the industrial sector to entertainment and gaming.” – Philipp Landgraf, Head of Technology, Holo-Light.

Interactive Streaming for Augmented Reality is a new element that offers outsourcing of demanding work processes like content rendering or application logic. ISAR enables applications to be created without individual end devices’ restrictions and limitations by alternatively creating a server-based application and increasing data security.

According to the company, once ISAR SDK is developed into an app, the application will no longer be required to be installed directly on an end device. Rather, the application can be installed in the cloud or on a strong server.

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