South Korea Unveils Minecraft-based Metaverse Game to Promote Agriculture
Minecraft-based Metaverse Game to Promote Agriculture

South Korea Unveils Minecraft-based Metaverse Game to Promote Agriculture

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South Korea’s agriculture ministry has unveiled a game incorporating the idea of the metaverse based on the popular title ‘Minecraft’ to take the players through immersive experiences involving agriculture museums, smart farms, and government facilities.

Minecraft, an open-world exploring game for PC and consoles, has sold over 200 million copies worldwide with more than 126 million monthly users as of 2020. South Korean President Moon Jae-in had invited elementary school students to the virtual version of the presidential office to celebrate Children’s Day through Minecraft back in May 2020.

The metaverse has already made significant strides within South Korea’s education sectors. For instance, students have access to hands-on experiences such as exploring a virtual science exhibition hall through Google’s Chrome browser.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs released a statement introducing the metaverse-based game called ‘Wook-Craft.’ The game offers a virtual tour of South Korea’s agricultural facilities, including the office of the agriculture ministry, smart farms, and agriculture museums.

“We will accelerate the use of the metaverse platform to promote the value of agriculture to the millennial and Z generations,” said the agriculture ministry’s spokesman Kim Ki-hoon.

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