XR Terra Collaborates with Verzion to Upskill K-12 Teachers

XR Terra Collaborates with Verzion to Upskill K-12 Teachers

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The Glimpse Group, Inc. is a multifarious technology company that provides Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality services to its users. The Technology platform recently announced that its subsidiary firm, XR Terra, will make its immersive technology courses available on the Verizon Learning HQ. 

XR Terra is known to provide quality training in augmented reality and virtual reality. Version Learning HQ, on the other hand, is a free learning platform available to K-12 educators all over the world.

The training platform, XR Terra, developed an “XR Foundations for Educators program.” This program is an immersive training designed to help instructors become confident by equipping them with knowledge of the latest technologies, which include AR and VR.

The program began around the summer and ended in the fall of 2022. A total of 500 teachers were trained at the time. However, the goal is to stretch the figure to about 2,000 teachers in 2023.

XR strongly believes that the best way to make the most impact in education with XR technology is to treat teachers as professional partners. However, this would require a certain level of devotion to professional development and upskilling. 

By that token, The course taught in the XR Educators program will expose educators to the fundamental aspects of XR technology, so they can integrate it into their classrooms better. 

“At XR Terra, we’re committed to supporting teachers in their professional development. We offer immersive workshops and resources that help teachers learn about XR and related technologies and how to use them in their classrooms. We also offer ongoing support to help teachers troubleshoot and make the most of the technologies available to them.” said Hakan Satiroglu, Founder and General Manager at XR Terra. We are pleased that the content will be broadly available through Verizon Innovative Learning HQ.

“Through Verizon Innovative Learning, we have always supported comprehensive teacher professional development as a way to sustain technology-integrated instruction,” said Alex Servello, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility for Verizon. “By offering programs like XR Foundations for Education on Verizon Innovative Learning HQ, we are helping educators nationwide to have access to free, high-quality learning that will enable them to bring new technologies to their classrooms.

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