‘Virtual Viewer’ by BMW Debuts as a Web browser-based AR Experience Powered by 8th Wall
Virtual Viewer by BMW

‘Virtual Viewer’ by BMW Debuts as a Web browser-based AR Experience Powered by 8th Wall

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With the ‘BMW Virtual Viewer’ release, automaker BMW has launched its first augmented reality tool in the UK. The new platform offers a novel way for potential customers to explore the BMW range. It also enables them to choose and customize a model and obtain more information about the company’s plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs).

The company plans to further its plans for the digitization of the customer experience with this launch. Also, the BMW Virtual Viewer, powered by 8th Wall’s web-based augmented reality technology platform, can be accessed right from a mobile web browser without the need for downloading any app.

The experience allows the users to instantly place a new BMW PHEV X5, X1, or 3 Series Touring vehicle anywhere around their home or surroundings. They can then customize the car by picking a color, choosing the alloys, tweaking the interior, and envisioning precisely what it will look like while being parked there.

An exciting feature of the experience is the hands-free voice navigation that essentially enables the user to talk to the car through a BMW chatbot. This feature allows them to ask questions about the PHEV range or electric/hybrid driving, including several other car characteristics.

Sophie Chiappe, Brand Communications Manager at BMW UK, said, “At BMW we want to ensure that we introduce digital tools in a way that really help prospective customers along their decision journey when choosing a car, whilst ensuring it’s fun and user friendly. This AR work has been designed to be engaging to use, from the navigation through to the built-in quizzes, and we’re excited to launch it showcasing three of our plug-in hybrid cars and the technology they offer.” 

The creative agency, FCB Inferno, has developed a broader campaign that comprises the first iteration of the BMW Virtual Viewer, focussing on PHEV models. Additionally, new models will be added to the experience as and when they are launched.

Katy Wright, MD at FCB Inferno, said, “Creating a customizable AR experience for BMW was the logical next step for an auto brand with innovation at its heart, and adding a level of voice control takes this to the next level.”

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