Snapchat Partners with LACMA to Launch a New AR Project Showcasing Digital Monuments
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Snapchat Partners with LACMA to Launch a New AR Project Showcasing Digital Monuments

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is partnering with Snapchat to launch a new augmented reality art project. Snapchat will feature the five digital monuments in Los Angeles through its Snap camera.

This collaboration between Snap Inc. and LACMA aims to “explore history and representation for communities” through the digital monuments situated around LA. Each AR installation that can be viewed using the Snap camera has a unique history and presents a new perspective to witness these not-so-widely-known LA stories.

Snapchat released a statement about the project that said, “The five virtual monuments and murals include Mercedes Dorame’s immersive portal between past, present, and future worlds for Indigenous presence in contemporary Tovaangar (Los Angeles), I.R. Bach’s animations designed to inspire self-reflection, Glenn Kaino’s path of generational stories of connectedness along the 1932 LA Olympic marathon route, Ruben Ochoa’s homage to the shared history of street vendors in LA, and Ada Pinkston’s memorial series paying tribute to Biddy Mason.”

The company is also planning to launch several other programs such as podcasts and art kits to build engagement with these digital monuments further this year. The project also might be expanded, and the company could bring a lot more artists on board.

You don’t need to be in LA to witness the new AR digital monuments. You can instead head over to the LACMA website to check out the installations, but it will not be anything like the real-life experience.

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