AR/VR Solutions Provider Brightline Interactive to Become Part of The Glimpse Group
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AR/VR Solutions Provider Brightline Interactive to Become Part of The Glimpse Group

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The immersive technology platform company comprising a diverse ecosystem of AR and VR software providers, The Glimpse Group, announced Brightline Interactive as the latest entrant to the group.

Glimpse was established in 2016 and owns and runs 14 subsidiary businesses employing over 200 software developers, 3D artists, and VR/AR specialists.

Brightline Interactive is a leading global provider of VR, AR, 5G integration, spatial computing, and deep tech software and service solutions. It offers scalable immersive and interactive experiences, training scenarios, and simulations for government and commercial customers. A few of the company’s most important customers are AT&T, Coca-Cola, and the US Air Force.

“Through a combination of workforce size, cross-sector diversity, portfolio of patents, and yearly revenue run rate, we believe that Glimpse is now the single largest independent software and services company in the immersive technology sector,” said a release from Glimpse.

In what it considers a first for the immersive tech sector, Glimpse sees itself as holding a crucial middle ground between the two poles of IT giant and startup. According to Glimpse, the fact that it sits in the middle of the spectrum is a testament to its growth strategy and reflects the immersive tech sector.

In addition, businesses that fall in the middle of the two extremes can, in some ways, offer the best of both worlds because they are often more adaptable and agile than large firms and are not as plagued by red tape. However, they can also provide more resources and experience than the typical startup, resulting in more ambitious and significant projects.

“Brightline brings significant industry experience, capabilities, and relationships to the table, and we’re excited for them to join Glimpse,” said Lyron Bentovim, President and CEO of Glimpse.

“By joining Glimpse, we can significantly upscale our ability to create meaningful interactive experiences for our clients across the globe,” said Tyler Gates, CEO and Managing Partner of Brightline Interactive.

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