NBCUniversal Unveils New Ad Formats and an AR Shopping Gateway
NBCUniversal New Ad Formats

NBCUniversal Unveils New Ad Formats and an AR Shopping Gateway

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Before its virtual upfront presentation scheduled for Monday, NBCUniversal released a range of advertising innovations comprising new formats and augmented-reality shopping. In addition, the company’s One Platform hosts several rollouts that focus solely on interactivity.

The novel offerings include e-commerce initiative @homeShopping, personalization tool Choose Your Destiny, rapid production setup Look Live, audience retention vehicle Stay in Show, and talent-featuring Take:15. The Interactive Scripted Commercial Launch, which uses 2D and 3D technology to smooth the transition between programming and commercial breaks, was also unveiled.

“Our content and commercial innovations are an ongoing opportunity for NBCUniversal to completely reimagine the viewer experience while creating new ways for our marketing partners to propel their business forward,” said Josh Feldman, Chief Marketing Officer for NBCUniversal Advertising & Partnerships. “These new ad formats are a glimpse into the future of video.”

E-commerce is not new to the company. And, @homeShopping is a brilliant step further in the domain. It allows viewers to scan an on-screen code with their phone to access a shopping experience.

On the other hand, Choose Your Destiny enables the viewers to determine their advertising experience. It allows them to pick the installment of a creative campaign in a linear pod and digital-first advertising.

Take:15 facilitates an “opening act” centered on NBCU talent ahead of commercials that the company believes will help amplify brand messages. The positioning could be presented as a joke leading into a 30-second spot, a talent tip about the product viewers are about to witness, or graphics-based creative.

The company also stated that the audiences were positively receiving the innovations. As per research, 93% of viewers appreciate commercial innovations compared with standard ad formats and said 79% are less likely to change the channel. Moreover, 88% retained strong brand memorability.

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