Boeing Plans to Use the Metaverse to Build and Test Aircraft Virtually
Metaverse to build and Test Aircraft Virtually

Boeing Plans to Use the Metaverse to Build and Test Aircraft Virtually

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Even though the company has been in the news for the wrong reasons over the past few years, aircraft maker Boeing has still made strides with immersive tech. The company is reportedly looking to build a presence within the metaverse, equipping its workforce with VR and AR technologies for executing design, engineering, and manufacturing functions.

“It’s about strengthening engineering,” said Boeing’s Chief Engineer, Greg Hyslop. ”We are talking about changing the way we work across the entire company.”

The company plans to build its aircraft as a virtual digital replica and run simulations. The entire system would incorporate paper drawings, test data, and certification documents as one digital resource to help evaluate each plane component even before it hits the shop floor. Technicians and engineers could deploy robotic machinery through virtual and augmented reality to identify and fix problems.

Hyslop explained that the system would help the company build better aircraft and do it faster. “You will get speed, you will get improved quality, better communication, and better responsiveness when issues occur,” said Hyslop.

“When the quality from the supply base is better when the airplane build goes together more smoothly when you minimize re-work, the financial performance will follow from that,” he added.

Boeing has already experimented with its new workflow on recent projects, including the T-7A military trainer and 777X airliner. The success rate has been a bit of a question as both the projects ended up with certification troubles.

“This is a long game,” Hyslop said. “Every one of these efforts was addressing part of the problem. But now what we want to do is do it from end to end.”

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