The City of Raleigh unveil a new AR mural
AR mural

The City of Raleigh unveil a new AR mural

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The City of Raleigh unveiled a new AR mural that will celebrate the area’s connection to video gaming and esports.

Taylor White, a native of Raleigh, created 8-bit to 5G on the City Center Parking Deck. The augmented reality mural features a collage of graphics, shapes, and characters that span video gaming through the present.

While the physical mural is concluded, the AR portion can be viewed in a few weeks.

People can use their phones to take a photo of the code, which will take the user to a website where the augmented reality mural can be viewed interactively.

The design and installation for the AR mural were funded through a gift from Downtown Raleigh Alliance and Red Hat.

“As a Raleigh native, it’s an honor to be a part of the city’s beautification efforts. Especially with a gaming and esports theme, which is an integral part of Greater Raleigh’s DNA, has created thousands of jobs for the community, and will play an essential role in the region’s future growth.” – Taylor White.

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