US Navy and GBL Systems Partner for AR and Biometric Authentication Tech
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US Navy and GBL Systems Partner for AR and Biometric Authentication Tech

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The California-based software company, GBL Systems Corp., has inked a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the US Navy to develop biometric authentication, digital forensics, and augmented reality training technology.

The company will work with the Port Hueneme, California Division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center to execute the agreement and develop the said applications. The two entities will demonstrate the results of their collaboration at an open house for the Advanced Naval Technology Exercise (ANTX) and the Coastal Trident Port and Maritime Security Program at the Fathomwerx Lab in September.

The fundamental objective of the project is to facilitate the creation of new commercial technologies to support US Navy operations.

The biometric component of the initiative leverages the company’s FutureOrb identity management system. FutureOrb deploys facial recognition for physical and logical access control. The system will also be in action at the entrance of the open house to identify guests who have registered to attend the event.

The two organizations would later advance the biometric aspect of the project in future phases. Additionally, one of NSWC’s principal investigators has received a patent for a unique authentication system that uses wrist vein images for identification. Researchers intend to optimize that technology in the future for other Naval applications.

The Navy will primarily deploy augmented and virtual reality technologies for training purposes. GBL’s AR tech will help researchers create content to familiarize people in the Navy with specific systems or to simulate likely scenarios.

The Navy will also use GBL’s Cyber Forensics Integrated Triage Tool (Cyber-FITT) to reinforce its security posture. It is a portable digital forensics tool that enables investigators to examine another device while in the field.

The Navy had put out a call for vendors for this research program towards the end of 2021.

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