NVIDIA and Autodesk Partner to Bring Collaborative XR Experiences to the Cloud

NVIDIA and Autodesk Partner to Bring Collaborative XR Experiences to the Cloud

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Tech giants NVIDIA and Autodesk announced the launch of NVIDIA CloudXR and Autodesk VRED on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud computing platform enabling users to run their preferred applications and software.

The NVIDIA and Autodesk collaboration release is accessible on AWS as a ‘Quick Start’ deployment system. Any user can virtually use Autodesk VRED with the robust NVIDIA CloudXR infrastructure.

Professionals in the industry can accelerate their design workflows by embracing a collaborative environment for designing and manipulating high-fidelity immersive XR experiences on the cloud. Additionally, it promotes open-access extended reality settings to hasten XR technology adaptation.

The decision by NVIDIA and Autodesk to jointly launch their technologies on AWS as a ‘Quick Start’ option is a step in the right direction toward bridging the usage gap between extended reality technologies and general applications. Now, users can use Autodesk VRED and NVIDIA CloudXR to build immersive and high-quality XR experiences whenever and wherever they want.

Industry experts in architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) fields are familiar with Autodesk VRED, a 3D visualization program. VRED users use real-time 3D assets to create dynamic presentations and immersive environments.

Based on NVIDIA RTX technology, NVIDIA CloudXR offers a seamless extended reality experience streaming over various networks, including the cloud, data centers, and mobile data networks.

Through AWS Quick Start, anyone can easily access these technologies. With the help of NVIDIA CloudXR, specialized NVIDIA RTX graphics cards, and virtual workstation platforms, VRED users can make the most of designing and streaming immersive XR experiences.

The partnership between Autodesk and NVIDIA was not an overnight success. NVIDIA has been signing partnership agreements with various tech and automotive companies to scale extended reality in industrial action.

For instance, NVIDIA and the automaker BMW worked together to present a digital twin of the brand’s car assembly system. This summer, Varjo, Lenovo, and both NVIDIA and Autodesk partnered to develop an AR and MR demo that brought the Porsche Mission R to life.

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