Immersive Tech and VictoryXR Partner to Bring Educational Content to Location-based VR Operators
Immersive Tech and VictoryXR Partnership

Immersive Tech and VictoryXR Partner to Bring Educational Content to Location-based VR Operators

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The creator of a pioneering location-based metaverse platform, XR Immersive Tech, is joining forces with VictoryXR to bring its educational content to location-based virtual reality operators worldwide through the Synthesis VR content marketplace.

XR Immersive Tech had recently acquired Synthesis VR, a leading location-based virtual reality (LBVR) content distribution and facility management platform.

VictoryXR is among the largest virtual reality educational content providers for students ranging from kindergarten to Grade 12. The company has developed a broad portfolio of VR experiences that effectively educate and train students with exciting content. 

For instance, they could take a field trip to Rome in virtual reality to learn more about its history, the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Basilica of Maxentius, or they could visit and walk around the Great Wall of China. The platform offers many such gamified VR learning experiences in science, literature, math, computer engineering, art, drama, and more.

With the pandemic restriction gradually lifted across the globe, the LBVR industry is making a stellar comeback. VR entertainment centers have always focused on diverse gaming content to continue to attract a wide range of audiences. Synthesis VR has undergone a year-long R&D phase to build support for standalone headsets or mobile head-mounted displays (HMDs) to add a new range of experiences to its portfolio.

The partnership with VictoryXR will bring multiple categories of VR content for both PC-based devices and Android-based HMDs to Synthesis VR locations.

The cost of VR HMDs has drastically gone down with the latest developments in standalone Android-based headsets, such as Meta Quest and HTC Focus 3. It has enabled VR arcade centers worldwide to add more VR attractions to their existing facilities cost-effectively.

Immersive Tech believes that bringing K to Grade 12 STEM (Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics) content will allow it to leverage such immersive learning experiences for attracting new audiences – students, parents, tutors, and school field trips.

Tim Bieber, CEO of Immersive Tech, said, “This partnership further reinforces Immersive Tech’s commitment to bridge reality with virtual reality in a way that benefits the LBVR operators and their users. Immersive Tech and its team are incredibly pleased to be a part of this process of making education, training, and immersive learning more readily available to the world.”

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