ZMicro and Brelyon Partner to Create Ultra Reality Rugged Military Displays

ZMicro and Brelyon Partner to Create Ultra Reality Rugged Military Displays

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The leading provider of rugged computing solutions for the military, ZMicro, has partnered with pioneering developer of displays, Brelyon, to create the latter’s Ultra Reality Rugged Display for deployed military markets. According to the agreement, ZMicro will be the supplier of Brelyon’s technology.

“Brelyon’s Ultra RealityTM technology is unlike anything we’ve seen,” said Jason Wade, President of ZMicro. “It has the potential to enable an entirely new way of computing and human-computer interface.”

Through this collaboration, ZMicro will license Brelyon’s Ultra RealityTM technology to develop one or more robust, large-format display products for defense applications, such as indirect vision, teleoperations, training, command and control, simulation, and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR).

Brelyon’s Ultra RealityTM, based on ground-breaking research from the MIT Media Lab, generates an immersive panoramic virtual screen that engulfs the viewer without using a headset by using computational wavefront engineering to produce a vast field of vision with true optical depth. 

Brelyon’s Ultra RealityTM, introduced at CES in January, integrates the most recent technological developments in physics and computational optics with the company’s patented superconic light-field expansion technologies. Brelyon, in contrast to traditional stereoscopic displays, uses monocular depth modulation capabilities to offer a visual experience that reduces user eye fatigue and image artifacts.

“We’re reimagining displays to take the computer display experience into the virtual world without headsets. Through our partnership with ZMicro, we will be able to bring a much richer and more productive viewer experience to end-users of deployed military applications,” said Alok Mehta, COO of Brelyon.

Brelyon’s patented Ultra RealityTM technology generates a big virtual screen in a compact form factor, making it the perfect choice for applications requiring minimal floor space, such as inside next-generation ground combat vehicles and remote or distributed node command and control centers.

Brelyon has surpassed several performance records for peak brightness, eye comfort, resolution, image size, and other conventional parameters with Ultra RealityTM.

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