VRAI and BAE Systems Collaborate to Develop Military Training Metaverse
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VRAI and BAE Systems Collaborate to Develop Military Training Metaverse

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Irish virtual reality developer VRAI has partnered with BAE Systems to develop a digital military training space within the metaverse. The VR startup is designing a virtual world to facilitate training for all kinds of military forces within an immersive environment featuring the most advanced metaverse technologies.

VRAI’s technology uses synthetic datasets and machine learning to measure human performance, particularly during hazardous activities in toxic environments or dangerous weather. For example, one of the company’s customers is using the technology to simulate potential problems within the offshore wind industry.

Nevertheless, the military can find numerous applications for such technology. The fundamental idea behind creating the training metaverse is to support militaries operating in air, land, sea, and space and even extend to cyber defense forces. The two companies plan to facilitate training for any conceivable circumstance a soldier might encounter.

The initiative takes the foundation of existing simulated training methods one step forward. It brings advanced, immersive training techniques to the complete military structure, usually limited to specific roles such as pilots. The first iteration of the metaverse offering is expected to be released later this year.

“We believe that data, particularly data captured via virtual training, has the power to revolutionize how militaries prepare for operations,” said Niall Campion, VRAI co-founder and Managing Director for Product and Customers.

Capturing, storing, and evaluating individual user performance data through a simulation can help provide actionable insights to each person based on their unique role. VRAI’s partnership with BAE Systems will enable the startup to bring its revolutionary technology to the training frontline.

Moreover, militaries and defense forces are exploring many other metaverse applications worldwide. For example, the US Air Force has set up a training arena for its pilots within the metaverse by trademarking Spaceverse as a ‘secure digital metaverse.’

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