Applications of AR and VR You Never Thought About

Applications of AR and VR You Never Thought About

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Extended reality (XR) technology incl. AR and VR are being developed at a rapid pace, and now it seems that every single day someone comes up with a brand new application of alternate and virtual realities. In this article, we’re going to review some of the most fascinating ones that every tech-enthusiast should know of.

Watch Sports and Events

Virtual reality is already changing the way we watch sports and live events. For example, it was possible to spectate over 20 events of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics from the comfort of your home without paying any money! 

Not only that, but it offered a 1st class experience instead of the alternative option of watching the games while being crammed somewhere at the back of the stands.

More and more sports leagues, including NBA, NFL, and UEFA, are starting to support VR viewing experience, which allows enjoying a court-side view without spending a fraction of the ticket’s cost. It’s only a matter of time before we’re going to see other live events, like concerts and performances supported by VR.

Military Training

Extended reality is starting to seep into military hardware, and there are numerous examples of what’s called tactical augmented reality (TAR) used in night vision goggles, helmet-mounted displays, and gun scopes. 

For example, it can help soldiers see more clearly in the dark and rough weather conditions or even locate and pinpoint the position of enemies and allies alike. However, that’s not all extended reality has to offer for the military.

The U.S military uses several elaborate training programs based on virtual reality to train the soldiers in situations that are difficult or expensive to replicate in real life. It not only saves a lot of money but also prepares the soldiers to be ready for everything that’s waiting for them on the battlefield.

Trying Out Products Before Buying

We’ve already covered this application of AR and VR in-depth in our previous article, but to put it simply, many retail companies in all sorts of niches, including but not limited to furniture, jewelry, clothing, and glassware, are developing their own apps that help customers try out their products in virtual or augmented reality before purchasing it.

That’s extremely convenient for customers, who can be guaranteed that they won’t have to return their newest purchase because it doesn’t match their expectations. As a result, people are more willing to buy products, which results in more revenue for the retailers.


If you’re a gambler, chances are you find online casinos boring because you cannot see your competitors and attempt to guess what’s on their minds. It takes away a huge part of games like poker, which depend on reading the emotions of other players.

Luckily, virtual reality is closing the gap between online and in-person gambling, and games like PokerStars VR combine the comfort of playing from your home with the competitiveness of playing in a real casino.

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