Current Trends in Immersive Tech

Current Trends in Immersive Tech

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The immersive technology consumer market revenue was over $8.2 billion, and it’s on pace to be almost $11 billion in 2022. Such an increase signals that VR, AR, and everything related to immersive technology isn’t a fad and is just going to become more and more prominent in the following decades.

However, what’s the direction of the extended reality? In this article, we’re going to review current trends in immersive technology and explain how they’re going to shape the world of the future.

Metaverse and Web 3.0

Just in last year alone, we’ve seen several metaverse platforms exploding in popularity, and it’s not going to stop any time soon. Most people in the industry already refer to the metaverse as “the new internet”, and it’s trending to be a huge part of Web 3.0.

This new internet is going to be democratic, decentralized, but most importantly, created and curated by the users themselves. All thanks to the metaverses that are based on blockchain technology, utilizing NFTs.

Non-Fungible Tokens

NFTs are basically certificates identifying and proving the ownership of a certain item. We’ve already seen dozens of NFT projects becoming multi-million dollar empires, and it’s trending to be a huge part of the immersive technology.

The ownership of properties in the metaverse is only acquired through the ownership of NFTs. Additionally, we’re seeing some attempts at tokenizing real-world items, in other words transferring the ownership of a physical item into the virtual metaverse.

User-Generated Content

The metaverse, blockchain, and NFTs are creating the first chance in human history for users to dictate the rules of the world. Web 3.0 in the shape of immersive tech will allow anyone to become an architect of the new internet. 

Every single person with a VR headset can create interactive tools and environments, that other people can experience first-person in the metaverse. It’s a clear trend of the creator economy booming, where the rules of the game and the game itself are dictated and created by creators themselves.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

In addition to building the new internet, the immersive tech industry is also trying to be as inclusive as possible, and improve the accessibility of its products as a whole. Things like subtitles, speech-to-test, and even zoom-in and out-s are getting a lot of attention from everyone involved in immersive tech.


Finally, most metaverse platform developers are investing a lot of time and effort to guarantee avatar diversity, which directly plays in inclusivity. If back in the day games offered only one playable character, it’s trending into a completely new direction now. You can be sure to find endless options for your metaverse character.

Things like avatar makers are customized to every age, gender, facial and body features, skin, hair, eye color, and much much more. It’s very apparent that immersive tech leaders are doing their best to ensure that everyone regardless of where they come from is welcomed to the metaverse.

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