How to Develop an Augmented Reality App?
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How to Develop an Augmented Reality App?

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When it comes to using technology to elevate customer service and interaction, Augmented Reality has opened up so many opportunities. Today, interactions are no longer two dimensional. With Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality, it is all about creating an all-round sensory experience.

Whether it is presenting a new product or giving your customers a complete experience of your services, an AR app is definitely something that you should consider. The good news is that you can build your own apps in no time.

Plan your AR App

This is a crucial step to developing your app. You need a unique idea for your business, whether it is an AR tour of real estate, AR experiences for travel companies or any other experience that you want to create.

Then, look for Software Development Kits or SDKs that support your idea. The next step involves selecting the 3D objects that you wish to include in your augmented reality experience. These can be downloaded models or even created from scratch by you.

The last step is to put the rest of your elements including the text and the data together with your 3D models to create the app.

Advanced SDKs for AR Apps

If you have some understanding of software like C++, C# or Java, these SDKs are great to begin with.


This is undoubtedly the most widely used augmented reality development SDK. You can get a free or commercial license to develop apps supported on Android and iOS. This SDK is loaded with features like image recognition, target tracking, scanning objects, virtual buttons and more. It has been used to develop AR apps for brands like Rolls Royce.


This SDK is best known for the number of platforms that it supports including iOS, Android, Smart Glasses, PhoneGap, ODG R-7 and Epson Moverio. Even the free version of this AR app development kit is loaded with features like geo-location, 3D tracking, image tracking and recognition, in addition to several advanced camera features. Of course, you have a watermark with the free version. For testing before implementation, this is a great SDK.

Kudan AR

This SDK comes with features like image mapping and recognition and markerless tracking. It makes use of the natural features of objects like the textures and edges to create an unmatched augmented reality experience.

AR App SDKs for Beginners

For those of you who have no coding experience, there are applications like Aurasma and Blippar that can be used to create your own AR apps. These platforms come with a drag and drop interface. So, you don’t even have to create animations or 3D objects. They have even been used by renowned global brands. For instance, Blippar was used to create an augmented reality app for Emirates while Aurasma was used by the prestigious fashion publication GQ.

Once you have explored these SDKs, you too can make the most of immersive technology to build your business and elevate interactive interfaces.

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