5 Hot Augmented Reality Ideas for Your Business in 2020
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5 Hot Augmented Reality Ideas for Your Business in 2020

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Augmented reality is one of the most sensational new technologies that has moved into the mass market in recent years and unlike virtual reality which creates a fully virtual environment for a user, augmented reality incorporates virtual objects into the existing surroundings. This helps to makes it more real and interactive.
One more great thing about AR is that only your smartphone could be needed to enjoy it – thereby eliminating the need for bulky and expensive VR headsets. This in turn means, that AR has a lot more chances to become more widespread. This is why many businesses are looking towards using augmented reality for improvements and growth.
In this article, we will give you some augmented reality business ideas that you can implement.

1. For Marketing

Augmented reality provides lots of opportunities for marketing in various businesses, and once made use of creatively, it could bring more loyalty and engagement for brands and their products. A singular idea of this is customers walking around the shop with a smartphone in their hands, at the same time seeing the price, characteristics of the products, special offers, and discounts for each product. By making use of Augmented Reality, marketing could become a lot more effective and fun for customers.

AR marketing can also be targeted for kids and this has even more interesting options. An example of such implementations is turning a mall into an amusement park for kids using augmented reality where they are able to complete tasks to win prizes and interact with virtual characters.

2. For Shopping

The biggest problem most people face when buying some items like furniture is that they will have almost no idea how it will actually fit into their interior designs. This is a major reason why people hire visual designers who are able to show them the whole picture.

With an augmented reality app on an electronic device, customers will be able to put any item of furniture into their interior designs without needing to bring it there physically. This help to eliminate or minimize returns.
IKEA is one of the businesses that has already put one of these augmented reality ideas to use when they released their augmented reality application that allows their customers to do just that. Customers are also given the ability to scale the furniture and even change colors, all in order to be able to that perfect sofa for their interior designs.

3. For Teleconference apps

Visualizing is vital to any project, and AR helps to make things visual and allow users to see each detail from all angles. AR can give your engineers the ability to put any prototype right on the boardroom table so that everyone including investors can see and understand every side and angle. This would help engineers to bring their vision into other people’s heads, which would make the interaction more productive and clear.

4. For Data visualization

Analytics and statistics could be difficult to grasp without visualization. This is why pie-charts, tables and infographics all help us see the information.

AR could help when it comes to showing data and sharing it among people. Adding another dimension to your data and bringing it to life is just what business need to stand out

5. For Collaboration

AR can erase any barrier when it comes to international businesses. It helps with translation and can create a common workspace even colleagues are thousands of miles away from each other.

The possibilities AR offers are nearly boundless. And these are just a few ideas, however, it will go far beyond that.

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