EON Reality and Axelrod Holdings Partner to Bring the Knowledge Metaverse to UAE

EON Reality and Axelrod Holdings Partner to Bring the Knowledge Metaverse to UAE

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The leader XR and knowledge metaverse pioneer, EON Reality, has partnered with Axelrod Holdings for a national release in the United Arab Emirates and the Asia Pacific for its newest product, the EON Metaverse Builder.

The most recent company to gain access to EON Reality’s industry-leading XR training solutions and metaverse development tools is Axelrod Holdings. Axelrod Holdings aims to accelerate its shift to a digital economy by utilizing EON Reality’s technologies while ramping up students and workers for a future Smart City economy and assisting the UAE in implementing the Knowledge Metaverse.

Trainers and educators at Axelrod Holdings-affiliated institutions will access EON-XR solutions and the EON Builder, increasing learning and training efficiency, lowering infrastructure costs, and broadening digital academic and business opportunities throughout the UAE.

As it expands its digitization efforts throughout the region, EON Reality’s solutions and the lifelike models and environments will enable Axelrod Holdings and its partners to provide customizable ‘hands-on’ experiences for students, workers, and entrepreneurs alike.

Thanks to EON Reality’s solutions, Axelrod Holdings-affiliated institutions will be better able to instruct students and assist businesses across the country, all while creating an advanced knowledge infrastructure that it may improve upon in the future.

“Partnering with a company like Axelrod Holdings would enable the knowledge metaverse to expand fast and efficiently throughout the UAE. Excellent partners that are able to maximize the benefits of EON Reality’s solutions are the only thing that allows for national rollouts like this,” said Dan Lejerskar, founder, chairman, and CEO of EON Reality.

EON-XR has emerged as the primary product and content delivery vehicle for XR education and industry solutions in the knowledge metaverse. With the recently released EON Builder, users can now create their own knowledge metaverse environment and experiences without needing technical expertise, expanding the potential of EON-XR.

Using EON-XR, EON Metaverse Builder, and other EON Reality products, Axelrod Holdings and its partners will train staff and students as they expand the knowledge metaverse across the UAE.

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