Metaviva and The Sandbox Partner to Develop Content within the Metaverse

Metaviva and The Sandbox Partner to Develop Content within the Metaverse

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Metaviva, a Web3 company and a subsidiary of mm2 Entertainment, has collaborated with The Sandbox to create a virtual playground in the latter’s gaming metaverse. The initiative aims to accelerate content creation and development for mm2’s entertainment brands.  

Per the agreement, Metaviva and mm2 will acquire a 6×6 plot of land in The Sandbox to provide gamers with interactive experiences that extend real-world media, such as movies, drama series, sports, and music. Landowners in The Sandbox have the option of holding competitions and events. There are about 166,464 lands in the Sandbox metaverse.

Players can join a virtual film set and contribute to creating stories using the intellectual property already owned by mm2 (IP). According to mm2, users may interact with virtual or non-player characters (NPCs), help develops plotlines, or watch the characters carry out their chosen script.

Additionally, The Sandbox will collaborate with mm2 and Metaviva to create authentic experiences on the Metaviva property.

“These immersive experiences will enable filmmakers and talents to engage with their fans, as well as promote upcoming films and generate new revenue streams and new forms of virtual entertainment,” stated mm2.

The Sandbox is a popular decentralized virtual gaming world run by the community. Users can create, own, and profit from their gaming experiences here. The thousands of experiences that other users have developed will also be available for users inside The Sandbox ecosystem.

“Our partnership with The Sandbox will allow us to explore new frontiers in the entertainment industry as well as keeping people engaged beyond what we can currently offer,” said Darren Ho, Head of Web3 and Metaviva.

Metaviva aims to produce unique material, including games and entertainment, for users to interact within this virtual world. Listening to the target audience and creating tales and characters that will resonate is part of the company’s mission. It will develop and test concepts for upcoming content, such as movies and shows, as users engage and play in the virtual playground.

“The metaverse is a great way for new types of storytelling to take place, allowing for players and fans to engage with their favorite content in a whole new way,” said George Wong, Head of Singapore for The Sandbox.

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