Digital Fashion Brand Cult&Rain Launches a New Metaverse Experience

Digital Fashion Brand Cult&Rain Launches a New Metaverse Experience

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The New York-based disruptive digital fashion brand, Cult&Rain, has launched a new metaverse experience, Cultr World, created in collaboration with the immersive cultural hub network, Outernet.

The company is known for amalgamating innovative NFT art with exclusive high-end physical redeemable products. George Yang, Cult&Rain’s founder, possesses over 17 years of experience across New York, Milan, and Paris as an accomplished fashion creative director. He has led numerous international design studios within the luxury and premium fashion industry.

Cult&Rain features exclusive artistic collaborations leveraging a scarcity model, effectively curating products that become collectibles from day one. The company has developed a unique niche as a platform to showcase premier artists from around the globe.

Outernet has a global network of connected, immersive districts that offer unparalleled content, advertising, live music, and mobile commerce opportunities. Its experience brings together the scale of 360-degree 8K floor-to-ceiling screens with the greatest storytellers and information providers worldwide.

The Cultr World has been built as an exciting, immersive online world that combines social engagement with commerce using photo-realistic graphics and creative intergalactic designs. The experience showcases the products from the fashion brand as it continues on its mission to bridge the gap between virtual reality and real life.

The immersive world features waterfalls, graffiti walls, and dramatic views to offer audiences a one-of-a-kind glimpse of our digital future.

Cult&Rain’s origins lie deep-rooted within the Web3 and non-fungible token (NFT) culture as the brand continues to release physical products alongside digital iterations designed to be worn by avatars. Currently, shoppers can purchase several sneakers from the brand’s Genesis collection on the NFT marketplace, OpenSea.

Moreover, the company plans to unveil ‘Phase 2’ of its metaverse initiative in September this year and a digital eCommerce store in October complemented by several international pop-ups.

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