Source Digital Receives a Patent for Interactivity within a Video and the Metaverse

Source Digital Receives a Patent for Interactivity within a Video and the Metaverse

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Source Digital, Inc. has recently been granted a European patent that solidifies the company’s leadership in the interactive video domain and monetizable metaverse aspects. In addition to covering functionality for activating visual content within a video, the patent also enables interactivity for end users at any coordinate in any metaverse. It would facilitate a more personalized, seamless video-metaverse (cross-verse) experience.

Source Digital already has the technology and IP independent of audio, video, or the metaverse to enable personalized SAMs (Source Activated Moments). It is designed for user engagement and interaction around information, advertising, socialization, contextually targeted brands, shopping, and virtually any other extension of interactivity against moments in time.

With the help of this patent, the company is now even more capable of deploying SAMs that are directly associated with any on-screen visual place in a video, the metaverse, or augmented reality.

Each SAM’ coordinate’, in effect, builds a mapping system that enables users to touch or click any digital location or object to receiving an interactive response of information and even to buy or share it! Additionally, users can revisit or cross-link the exact metaverse moment they first discovered it.

Under this patent, it is possible to locate the coordinates of a digital object in the metaverse or the physical location of an end-user on Earth by matching their locations. These intersections can invariably result in further interactive digital occurrences.

The patent also expands the synchronization of metaverse experiences to traditional video as an additional feature. Users can synchronize a beloved film’s in-world experience while watching it. Moreover, they can switch between a lean-back physical world and a lean-in immersive virtual world while watching a favorite live performance.

“We’re thrilled to expand our reach into European markets, with a greater capacity to optimize the user experience for creators, merchants, and advertisers,” said Hank Frecon, Source Digital’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

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