Metaverse Events Platform Flox Raises £1M to Prepare for Its Public Launch

Metaverse Events Platform Flox Raises £1M to Prepare for Its Public Launch

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The Metaverse platform Flox has raised £1 million to advance its technological advancement and make a public debut.

The UK-based team wants to make it possible for organizations and brands to conduct events with up to 100,000 attendees. It would be a big step toward sustainability and a way to save travel expenses while retaining the social connection required for collaboration.

It is hosting events with up to 25,000 attendees and performing bespoke builds of digital twins for global corporate headquarters and university campuses for international students. It has already been piloted globally with three Fortune 500 companies, including beverage giant Molson Coors.

Two prominent members of the advertising industry, Alistair Bryan and Jaie Genadt, formerly of Havas, IPG, and Omnicom, founded the London-based company.

The goal is to promote social interaction by providing a significantly better platform than 2D digital substitutes, such as Zoom, by delivering an experience as near to in-person as you can get digitally.

Attendees move their digital avatars that have been customized to their faces using scanning technology, and the built-in AI assists in connecting you with relevant people for insightful conversations. All this can be done on a tablet or laptop using your regular digital device without needing VR headsets.

The model, which can replace or complement actual events in real life for a physical-digital ‘hybrid’ model, allows for real-time translation, conversation transcription, data collection, limitless space, and participation stimuli to increase participation, like real-time polls and moderated Q&As. 

In addition to hosting events, businesses and colleges can host staff or students in ‘digital twins,’ online replicas of their buildings, where they can be virtually present.

“Virtual events and experiences are here to stay. For brands and businesses, who want to be part of the metaverse today, Flox is here to help them with our 3D virtual events platform, focused on human connection and engagement,” said Bryan.

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