Renovi and Aftermath Islands Partner for the Latest Edition of NFT Buildathon

Renovi and Aftermath Islands Partner for the Latest Edition of NFT Buildathon

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The latest Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Buildathon has been launched by Renovi, a metaverse marketplace and design studio, in collaboration with Aftermath Islands Metaverse Limited. The Next Top Metaverse Buildathon will give artists, architects, and entrants a chance to make things that could have real value in the metaverse.

The Buildathon, the second of these competitions to date, will give participants a chance to win prizes worth up to $50,000 in the form of in-game assets, virtual land parcels, and the opportunity to sell any NFTs produced as a result of the collaboration with Aftermath Islands.

There will be no restrictions on what entrants can create, including houses, clubhouses, retail spaces, interiors, venues, and wearables.

“This Buildathon is aimed at showcasing the Aftermath Islands metaverse and seeing what creators can build for it. We’re looking forward to seeing how innovative designers create their 3D buildings, wearables, or even furniture this time,” said Adonis Zachariades, co-founder at Renovi.

According to the announcement, entries for the Buildathon will be accepted until January 9th, 2023. A panel of NFT and metaverse veterans will judge the contest.

Industry veterans believe that the metaverse and NFT-related breakthroughs are new technologies that can help close the gap between conventional finance and the emerging blockchain industry. Initiatives like the Buildathon are essentially being floated to allow innovative thinkers to create use cases that best facilitate this blending of both worlds.

Based on the idea that ‘an idle mind is the devil’s workshop,’ the Renovi and Aftermath Islands Buildathon will aid in bringing social harmony by utilizing innovators’ ideas and encouraging constructive interactions.

“We are very excited to partner with Aftermath Islands and our participants to create the world’s first Metaverse Buildathon to support Aftermath Islands’ mandate of inclusiveness in the global online arena,” said David Lucatch, Managing Director of Aftermath Islands Metaverse.

By providing the necessary resources and technical expertise, the second round of the Buildathon aims to break the previous record of approximately 250 creators submitting up to 160 entries. Renovi will add these winning applications to its Buildathon collection on the Aftermath Islands Marketplace.

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