Dubai Unveils a New Metaverse Based Training Academy for Web3 Startups

Dubai Unveils a New Metaverse Based Training Academy for Web3 Startups

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A novel metaverse-based training facility – ‘Future of the Digital Economy: Business in the Metaverse’ Academy, has been launched by the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy (DCDE). The initiative aims to give new-age startups the expertise they need to build for the metaverse.

The DCDE will choose thirty companies from Dubai and other markets to join the academy.

The academy will educate startups about the fundamentals of doing business in the metaverse using technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and extended reality (XR).

The startups will take part in four in-depth sessions regarding web3, covering its history, foundation, and case studies analyzing situations where businesses succeeded and where they failed. The sessions will highlight the value of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and how brands may use them to strengthen consumer interactions.

Khalid Al Jarwan, Executive Director of the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy, commented on the metaverse training program and stated that the academy is a part of the Chamber’s goal to expedite the growth of the city’s digital economy.

In Dubai, the program will also draw forward-thinking digital companies that might advance the UAE’s position as a global digital economy.

“The creation of the metaverse has caused a major disruption to business models both within the UAE and internationally, as organizations are increasingly becoming part of the metaverse by using blockchain, NFTs, cloud technologies, and more. The notion of a hybrid world is a reality, and it has triggered the transformation of our digital economy,” said Dr. Jasmina Locke, CEO of the SEE Institute. 

Startups have until October 31 to submit their applications, and the training program will take place from December 4 – 14.

One of the foremost early adopters of web3 has been Dubai. The city has already made significant progress in the metaverse by introducing the immersive customer service system known as MetaHealth.

The academy is regarded as a step forward in the country’s commitment to fostering the expansion of the digital economy.

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