ImagineAR to Build a Metaverse App to Showcase Hip-Hop Music and Culture
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ImagineAR to Build a Metaverse App to Showcase Hip-Hop Music and Culture

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The pioneering augmented reality platform, ImagineAR, has inked a three-year partnership with the Hip Hop Hall of Fame Inc. to develop a unique mobile app that offers immersive metaverse experiences. The project guarantees a minimum revenue of US$95,000 per year for the company.

The Vancouver-based startup will collaborate with 4Front Development, a New York City-based company that provides real estate, finance, and business development solutions for startups and established companies.

“ImagineAR is thrilled to work with both the Hip Hop Hall of Fame and 4Front Development to deliver a metaverse mobile app featuring virtual museum experiences, holograms, and premium multi-channel interactive content,” said the company’s CEO, Alen Paul Silverrstieen.

Hip Hop Hall of Fame is a non-profit museum and educational organization that was established to foster and conserve hip-hop music and cultural arts from the past to the present and highlight their significance in global urban culture and social impact.

Beginning in 2022, the new mobile app by ImagineAR will provide fans worldwide with virtual museum experiences and multi-channel metaverse experiences with hip-hop music artists and culturally immersive content.

The Hip Hop Hall of Fame co-branded artists, membership NFTs, and a virtual world metaverse will all be integrated into the dynamic experiential engagements with sponsored exclusive content for hip hop fans worldwide.

The Imagine AR mobile app will offer safe community space and a welcoming eco-system for Hip Hop fans, artists, celebrities, and influencers to express their creativity and experience real-life and virtual-world live events and content.

“We expect this mobile app to be one of the most dynamic and leading museum virtual experiences ever produced to date,” Silverrstieen added.

ImagineAR is a self-publishing augmented reality platform that enables enterprises of any size, from major league sports franchises to small retailers, to create and carry out their own AR campaigns without the need for programming knowledge or other technical expertise.

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