Social Metaverse Platform Soul Unveils Ling OS and NAWA Engine
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Social Metaverse Platform Soul Unveils Ling OS and NAWA Engine

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The Tencent-backed social metaverse platform, Soul, unveiled its two most recent intelligent technological developments, Ling OS and NAWA Engine, at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) in Shanghai.

Soul is an innovative, algorithm-driven, online social space where users can create, share, explore, and connect. The platform is an advocate for social metaverse development in China. 

Dubbed Gen Z’s social media platform, it leverages the concept of interest mapping. It was introduced in 2016 and is headquartered in Shanghai. The platform was initially envisioned to create a social metaverse at the start of 2021 while focusing on establishing a worldwide metaverse gateway.

Based on Soul’s user portraits, Ling OS is an intelligent recommendation engine. It uses data and algorithms to identify useful features, enhance user consumption and interaction experiences, and support the effectiveness and caliber of social relationship building.

In Soul, numerous business scenarios generate vast user behavior data. By integrating the user portrait systems of various circumstances, Ling OS eliminates the issue of isolated information.

On the other hand, NAWA Engine results from Soul’s in-house imaging and graphics rendering technology and creative design abilities. AI, rendering, and image signal processing are all integrated into this SDK. A matching editor is created concurrently for customized production.

Currently, Soul’s metaverse strategy focuses on three primary areas. It first enables users to create virtual avatars based on AR and 3D avatars. The second is to leverage the platform’s AI and data analysis technology to continuously enhance information identification and user marking features so that users may find the partners who are the best fit for them.

Finally, the third is using natural language processing (NLP) technology, which is crucial for auditing, risk management, and recommendation. In addition, Soul is still researching and developing cloud virtualization technologies to improve the interactive experience even more.

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