Alpha Metaverse and SPACE Metaverse Join Forces to Transform the Future of eCommerce

Alpha Metaverse and SPACE Metaverse Join Forces to Transform the Future of eCommerce

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The pioneering technology company, Alpha Metaverse, has partnered with SPACE Metaverse through its wholly owned subsidiary, Shape Immersive, to assist the latter in creating eCommerce experiences for the metaverse.

Alpha Metaverse Technologies focuses on emerging markets in esports, mobile gaming, eCommerce, blockchain, and similar high-growth opportunities. SPACE, founded in 2021, is a metaverse commerce leader to provide an effective platform that allows users to create their own custom virtual rooms apart from buying and selling their products and services.

SPACE’s target is to build a metaverse that offers consumers a simple and seamless virtual experience for shopping, events, games, and social activities that are not limited by physical borders.

Shape will work with leading brands launching in the metaverse to build retail stores and eCommerce experiences on the SPACE platform as a preferred vendor. Since its founding in 2018, Shape has successfully built an impressive portfolio of top brands, such as Red Bull, Coca-Cola, and RTFKT (acquired by Nike). It has created several award-winning brand and retail experiences in the metaverse.

Investors in SPACE include some of the most well-known names in web3 technology, such as CoinFund, DapperLabs, and AnimocaBrands.

“COVID greatly accelerated the adoption of eCommerce, and we believe SPACE Metaverse will help transform the eCommerce experience of many brands and consumers once again,” said James Basnett, co-founder of Shape.

Given the exponential increase in the number of consumers using the metaverse, SPACE is concentrating on offering tools that users can use to create virtual goods that others can buy, as well as a platform that enables users to make money off their virtual creations and assets.

SPACE’s CEO Batis Samadian said, “The founding team at Shape has been important in teaching companies and leaders about the power of the metaverse, and we are proud to have them as a partner pushing Space Metaverse forward to Fortune 500 companies and category-leading brands.”

Together, Shape and SPACE will develop and enhance SPACE’s value to help it become the top eCommerce tool in the metaverse.

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