Elrond Transforms Into MultiversX, Unveils 3 Novel Metaverse Products

Elrond Transforms Into MultiversX, Unveils 3 Novel Metaverse Products

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The blockchain technology startup Elrond has announced its transformation into MultiversX. Thus, the company broadens its mission of establishing the new internet economy for the digital meta-space frontier.

The metaverse-focused company unveiled three novel products as the pillars of its evolution.

xFabric, a sovereign blockchain module, will offer core blockchain applications. It can be deployed in minutes, is entirely customizable, and includes fantastic features and applications for any creative brand or company. 

xPortal is a true SuperApp, the entrance to the Metaverse and your avatar’s home. It packs everything related to finance, such as a debit card. It also enables friends to chat and socialize. Anyone, anywhere in the world, can use it.

xWorlds was created in collaboration with Improbable to enable novel experiences that are deeply connected with xPortal and xFabric.

“Incredible amounts of creative energy are being poured into multiple compelling metaverse visions,” said Beniamin Mincu, CEO and founder of MultiversE (formerly Elrond Network).

The Elrond Network, technology, community, and ecosystem have been incredibly successful, and MultiversX will continue to build on that success. To spread Web3 technology, it will keep developing the ground-breaking, scalable blockchain protocol and tools.

Additionally, it will broaden and expand the original scope and provide the opportunity for its millions of users and thriving ecosystem to pioneer the societal shift toward the Metaverse.

The transformation will unfold over a three-day event at the Brongniart palace in Paris, where  Sebastian Burduja, Romanian Minister of Research, Innovation, and Digitalization, Jean-Noel Barrot, French Minister for Digital Transition and Telecommunications, and influential Industry leaders from blockchain, finance, Web3, and the Metaverse, will be showcase the novel MultiversX scope, products, and the path forward.

“MultiversX is building the collaborative framework and composable toolkit to set the stage for a positive sum game of enormous stakes. For reimagining the entire spectrum of human experience and for reinventing the front of every business vertical,” added Mincu.

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