Sensorium Announces an Innovative P2E Metaland Platform Called UNDER

Sensorium Announces an Innovative P2E Metaland Platform Called UNDER

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Sensorium, the creator of the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse, has unveiled a groundbreaking project called UNDER, dedicated to exploring the extensive potential of metaverse real estate as an emerging asset class.

NFT parcels with built-in game mechanics and a robust upgrade system linked to unique play-to-earn games are the key characteristics of the upcoming UNDER virtual land platform. A wide array of casual P2E games are expected to be available in UNDER PLAY, the project’s gaming library, which the company will frequently update to incorporate the newest releases.

The center of the web3 effort is the virtual world of UNDER, a mysterious planet in the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse, along with the PRISM world, where prominent artists like David Guetta and Steve Aoki will deliver special performances.

The peculiar presence of SENSO Aura (SAr), a precious resource that can be used throughout the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse or exchanged for fiat money, on the UNDER planet makes it appealing to metaverse miners.

For gamers, Sensorium intends to release a total of 100,000 parcels. Each plot will have built-in games that let players mine for valuable resources. The UNDER experience provides three options for users to get these resources and generate revenue: landowners can play themselves, stake their land, or lend it to other users in exchange for a revenue share; landless players can rent parcels from Sensorium or other users.

The more parcels owners stake, the more likely they are to obtain profit through other players’ winnings. The landowners can also modify their parcels with new games from the UNDER PLAY gaming collection, considerably increasing the appeal of their parcels to other users.

By utilizing SENSO, the ecosystem currency of Sensorium, UNDER will make land sales administration easier, support P2E mechanics, and provide the metaverse currency more uses.

As part of its ongoing efforts to assist internet users in switching from conventional web2 gaming platforms to web3 experiences, Sensorium will concentrate on a roll-out that has an equal appeal to the crypto community and beyond to make UNDER an experience for everyone.

Additionally, UNDER will enable our vast community and admirers to start contributing to and interacting with the metaverse after its official release.

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