Lifestyle-focused VR App Retreat Receives $400k from Meta Immersive Learning Fund

Lifestyle-focused VR App Retreat Receives $400k from Meta Immersive Learning Fund

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The virtual reality app, Retreat, which teaches users how to improve life and overall wellness, has received a $400,000 Immersive Learning Fund grant from Meta. The platform, debuting on the MetaQuest store on December 1, has revolutionized how people connect, discover communities, and expand businesses.

The next generation of Metaverse creators, like Retreat, will play a crucial role as Meta moves beyond 2D screens and toward immersive experiences like augmented and virtual reality to build the next evolution in social technology. Therefore, it funds high-quality immersive experiences to broaden access to learning through technology.

The Retreat app was additionally chosen as a finalist in the ‘Rising VR Company of the Year’ category by The Academy of International Extended Reality (AIXR) steering board. The International VR Awards, which will take place in Rotterdam this December during Immersive Tech Week, will honor the finalists.

Retreat will revolutionize education and further demonstrate the value of immersive learning in a virtual reality setting. GeniusX, a technology company innovating around personal growth and development, is behind the development of the virtual reality application.

“We are thrilled to receive this significant Meta Immersive Learning Fund grant and launch the Retreat app on the MetaQuest store,” said Nick Janicki, CEO of Retreat. “We are also excited to be named as a finalist in the ‘Rising VR Company of the Year’ category at the International VR Awards.”

The VR Awards, now in its sixth year, are a yearly red-carpet celebration of cutting-edge immersive technologies. The awards, presented by the Academy of International Extended Reality (AIXR), bring together industry innovators like Retreat’s development studio GeniusX and market leaders like Google, HTC, Oculus, and Valve.

Retreat transports its users to exceptionally designed virtual worlds where they can experience select courses focused on personal development and self-improvement. The app puts the spotlight on the instructors, highlights the story that inspired the course, and showcases the learning process in a new, exciting manner.

“Research shows that students in VR are four times more focused than their peers in a traditional classroom environment,” said Janicki. “The potential for immersive technology to transform education is huge, and we are excited to be on the forefront.”

The platform offers various curated courses ranging from art and creativity, to career and business, financial well-being, holistic wellness, mindset and relationships, and more.

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