Carrieverse Partners with Polygon to Promote its Upcoming Metaverse Offering

Carrieverse Partners with Polygon to Promote its Upcoming Metaverse Offering

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The CEO of the metaverse platform Carrieverse, David Yoon, announced a partnership with Polygon, an Ethereum scaling platform that has onboarded millions of users to Web3, to develop and promote its future Carrieverse metaverse platform on the Polygon network.

The content-based social metaverse platform, Carrieverse, replicates real-world material, including Web3 gaming, education, social interaction, and commerce. It encourages the onboarding of brands and the development of creator-specific solutions.

The premier blockchain development platform, Polygon, specializes in Web3 blockchains that are scalable, inexpensive, safe, and sustainable. Developers now have quick access to critical scaling solutions, including L2 (ZK Rollups & Optimistic Rollups), sidechains, hybrid, stand-alone, and enterprise chains, and data availability due to its expanding range of products.

For Generation Z and Alpha, Carrieverse is designed to imitate real-world social content, including games, instruction, and trade. Users may create their own digital worlds and NFTs while taking control of their material.
In addition, Carrieverse plans to work with Kim Bo-tong, the creator of the popular Netflix series D.P., to produce the P2E strategy game “SuperKola” and an upcoming NFT collection.

“We’re eager to do our part in furthering the expansion of Carrieverse by providing Polygon blockchain tools to make the project a success,” stated Urvit Goel, Head of Global Games Business Development at Polygon.

Carrieverse is a comprehensive metaverse experience that includes gaming, commerce, NFTs, and worldwide IP recognition in Carrie and Friends.

In order to lower prohibitive network costs and speed up transaction speeds without sacrificing security, Polygon is made to function with Ethereum. Since Polygon is a carbon-neutral network, every transaction’s carbon footprint is completely offset.

“Using the sophisticated technology and economic ecosystem of Carrieverse, we can build the Web3 platform and applications powered by Polygon,” said David Yoon, CEO of Carrieverse.

Carrieverse is gearing up for a global release by Q1 2023.

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