DressX and Zepeto Partner to Launch a Unique Digital-only Wearables Collection

DressX and Zepeto Partner to Launch a Unique Digital-only Wearables Collection

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The digital fashion pioneer, DressX, announced a new partnership with the leading metaverse platform, ZEPETO, to unveil a line of innovative digital wearables.

The ZEPETO metaverse aims to provide the next generation with the freedom of identification in the digital sphere. The Asian avatar platform boasts the quickest growth rate, amassing over 300 million lifetime users. Gen Zs express themselves while interacting, working, and creating with others and are the platform’s most prolific users.

DressX is a fashion startup that offers brands and 3D designers a medium to create and introduce digital-only collections. The firm offers digital clothing its consumers can digitally wear in their shared photos and videos on various digital networks. It is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and was established in 2020.

The fashion innovator has collaborated with ZEPETO’s virtual fashion influencer Monica Quin to create the five digital ensembles utilizing Quin’s distinctive color scheme. Quin has gathered over 950 thousand followers and is the most followed user on ZEPETO.

The clothing line will be accessible for ZEPETO users’ avatars to wear, and some of the pieces will also be viewable in augmented reality on the DressX app.

“Created by the purely digital fashion company and curated by ZEPETO-native top performing avatar influencer, this collection gives an insight into the future of fashion, where ideas are born and brought to life fully and authentically in the digital world,” stated Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova, founders of DressX.

The CEO of Naver Z, a division of South Korean company Naver that runs ZEPETO, Jay Lee, agreed with the perspective of the creators of DressX and said that the two platforms are reinventing what it means to be a fashion designer and fashion brand in the metaverse arena.

“Everything happens virtually, from ideation to creation to distribution and promotion. I’m thrilled to see this collaboration happening,” said Lee.

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