Mode MetaStudios Unveil a B2B eCommerce Platform for the Metaverse
B2B eCommerce Platform for the Metaverse

Mode MetaStudios Unveil a B2B eCommerce Platform for the Metaverse

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The company designing virtual reality and augmented reality solutions for the B2B eCommerce space, Mode MetaStudios, has launched a platform for manufacturers to sell goods and NFTs in the metaverse.

The technology, a combination of virtual reality and augmented reality, was unveiled in a news release earlier this week. The company stated that it collaborated with creators, designers, and brands to develop living digital worlds that enable users, explorers, consumers, and shoppers to venture into web3 and explore the ‘digital doppelgangers’ of any product they’d like.

Jimmy Hessenauer, CEO of Mode MetaStudios, further discussed the prospects for such technology. Moreover, its adoption has been partially accelerated by the pandemic and the rising demand for remote working within living and socially functional digital environments.

Countless brands have already hopped on the metaverse and web3 bandwagon. It has become a leading medium for leveraging new commercial and branding opportunities. Almost all manufacturers across industries will have to venture into the space soon.

Mode MetaStudios has created a range of VR/AR product configurators, simulators, and visualizers that allow customers to interact with manufacturers’ goods and services through several channels, including PCs, smartphones, TVs, and VR/AR devices.

The company aims to make digital assets clearly resemble their physical counterparts, “making it an ideal new selling tool and means to reach and engage with audiences far from any localized storefront.”

The announcement puts Mode MetaStudios in the category of several other companies developing applications for eCommerce within the metaverse. Last month, UK-based global currency account provider, Sokin, announced its eCommerce metaverse offering to enable brands and businesses to expand their brick-and-mortar stores.

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