Oreo Collaborates with Meta and Martha Stewart to Enter the Metaverse

Oreo Collaborates with Meta and Martha Stewart to Enter the Metaverse

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Oreo, a well-known cookie company, has created its metaverse, the OREOverse, a thrilling online setting where cookie enthusiasts can engage in competitions and activities with a cookie theme. The launch of a brand-new, limited-edition cookie called “The Most OREO OREO” marked the beginning of the OREOverse. In a press release, the company stated that the launch’s promotional offer featured a variety of prizes, including a $50,000 prize giveaway, gaming consoles, and virtual reality headsets. 

The OREOverse can be accessed on a desktop, a mobile device, and in Meta’s Horizon Worlds, where users can browse and experience the metaverse in virtual reality (VR) while donning a Meta Quest headset.

Oreo was quick to point out that since Meta has a connection to Oculus virtual reality headsets, users of PCs and smartphones can also access and enjoy the experience.

Additionally, the company has partnered with Martha Stewart, best known for her bestselling recipes. Having introduced her NFT collection, “Fresh mint,” in 2021, Stewart is no newbie to web3.

While many other consumer goods companies sell their new products in various gaming worlds, the OREOverse games are based on the Meta platform.

To inform people about regenerative agriculture, McCain Foods, the company that makes the well-known McCain fries, teamed up with the metaverse platform Roblox and the NFT-themed restaurant Bored & Hungry in October 2022. Similarly, Decentraland, another virtual location for digital assets, is home to a virtual museum created by Unilever’s well-known Magnum ice cream brand.

Lack of skills is one of the most challenging problems in adopting metaverse businesses. A KPMG analysis found that 67% of the organizations surveyed were eager to implement new platforms to boost customer involvement. However, most businesses needed more internal IT resources to keep up with the escalating trends. The likelihood of companies working with tech firms to increase participation in web3 and the metaverse increases as a result.

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