Auxuman, Oorbit Introduce AI-powered Metaverse Gaming for LG Smart TVs

Auxuman, Oorbit Introduce AI-powered Metaverse Gaming for LG Smart TVs

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Customers of LG Electronics can now play metaverse games thanks to a partnership between Auxuman, the industry-leading AI gaming company, and Oorbit, the company developing the world’s leading technology platform powering the metaverse. With this collaboration, anyone can instantly create an online multiplayer game using only text input, much like popular AI image generators work.


Auxworld will enable anyone to smoothly, quickly, and affordably create countless multiplayer game sessions with various IP styles, assets, and game modes to participate with friends or any community by harnessing the power of generative AI.

Gaming is one of the most widely used forms of entertainment, but unlike most other social entertainment apps, games are not personalized to the user and take a lot of time and money. The styles and options available on platforms that permit players to use gaming for social interaction or self-expression are constrained. This all changed with the introduction of Auxworld.

Auxworld offers a quick and easy way to create an entirely immersive, engaging, and social experience, revolutionizing virtual worlds and gameplay creation.

“Through this partnership with LG and Oorbit, we give LG customers the very first opportunity to bring personalized gaming to their own living rooms,” said Negar Shaghaghi, CEO and co-founder of Auxuman.

Customers can play games through their Smart TV endlessly, thanks to the partnership between Auxworld and LG. The company is advancing its goal of making metaverse gaming significantly more accessible by integrating Auxworld’s no-code gaming with the Oorbit platform.

Auxuman, founded in 2019, enhanced its AI and Digital Twin expertise to develop the first fully-featured AI game creation platform, Auxworld, focusing on using AI to create behavior-driven virtual beings (NPCs). Anyone can make a unique online multiplayer session on Auxworld and play with friends using a text prompt.

The comprehensive all-in-one platform from Auxuman provides a new method for converting textual expressions into high-definition, personalized gaming experiences. With funding from sources such as Mark Cuban, Tess Hau, Betaworks Ventures, and others, Auxuman is teaming up with the most forward-thinking agencies and companies to create the metaverse of the future right now.

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