STGZ and Klaytn Partner to Expand Next-Gen Metaverse Platform for Artists

STGZ and Klaytn Partner to Expand Next-Gen Metaverse Platform for Artists

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Klaytn, a multinational metaverse public blockchain platform, and STGZ, the next-generation real-time live virtual events and concerts metaverse platform, announced their collaboration. Through Klaytn’s quick, safe, and expandable public blockchain technology, the partnership enhances the STGZ platform and enables STGZ to provide metaverse experiences across the globe. 


Klaytn, the leading blockchain platform in South Korea formally launched in June 2019, is expanding its global business from its international base in Singapore. Klaytn is the public blockchain division of Kakao, the second-largest company in South Korea after Samsung, and the creator of the super app Kakao Talk.

The Klaytn Growth Fund, which seeks to expand the ecosystem of businesses built on Klaytn, supports the company’s expansion initiatives. The Klaytn Foundation, a Singapore-based non-profit organization founded in August 2021, manages and allocates the Klaytn Growth Fund.

To help STGZ market and introduce their blockchain to the American market with festivals, NFTs, and the most cutting-edge entertainment metaverse experiences for artists and fans, Klaytn has decided to invest in a multimillion-dollar grant.

The STGZ platform addresses the issue of the metaverse’s lack of specialized virtual interfaces for events, content sharing, and community development. With STGZ, artists and fans have a new platform to share and make money from their artistic endeavors.

STGZ uses cutting-edge XR technology to create innovative and engaging entertainment experiences that anybody can freely share with the world from anywhere, bridging the gap between the real world and the metaverse. The platform is upending conventional social media by substituting static pages with fully customizable 3D stages. Users can now design their own permanent spaces and experiences, allowing them to live stream during performances and events.

By removing barriers to entry, STGZ enables fans to attend live events from anywhere in the world virtually and gives artists access to web3 technology. It provides the best metaverse platform for artists and fans to share experiences and build communities because it is simple and offers a free stage for everyone.

STGZ continued to develop its platform in 2022, finalized strategic alliances, and released the MetaMansion Hamptons Edition with the world-famous DJs Kygo, Disclosure, and Diplo.

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