Walmart Unveils New AR Features for Its App and In-store Experience

Walmart Unveils New AR Features for Its App and In-store Experience

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The American retail giant, Walmart, has unveiled two brand-new augmented reality features for its mobile application to make the shopping experience easier for its customers.

The company plans to roll out the first feature for its iOS app by early July, which would enable shoppers to view furniture and home décor items in their spaces only through a few swipes on their smartphones. The experience will initially incorporate almost 300 furniture and home décor items and will begin including popular back-to-college items over the coming months.

To access the experience, customers need to click on the ‘View in your space’ banner on supported items within the Walmart app. It will take them through the entire process of connecting their camera and placing the items virtually within their space. Shoppers can also toggle the item’s dimensions to ensure the fit and snap a picture for later.

The ‘View in your space’ functionality will soon debut on the company’s Android and mobile web apps. Walmart has extensively tested the feature with select customers and received an ‘overwhelmingly positive feedback.’

The experience also incorporates haptic feedback, enabling customers to feel vibrations while maneuvering the 3D models. It prevents them from placing items beyond the boundaries of their space and makes the experience more realistic.

Additionally, Walmart is deploying AR for new experiences within its stores to help personnel get products to shelves quickly. Walmart Global Tech is also developing a new AR in-store feature to transform how users view essential product information. It will enable shoppers to point their phone cameras at in-store shelves via the Walmart app and filter items based on their preferences.

Brock McKeel, Senior Vice President, Site Experience at Walmart eCommerce, and Cheryl Ainoa, Senior Vice President, New Businesses & Emerging Tech at Walmart Global Tech, wrote in a company blog post:

“All of these AR-powered features are helping us deliver fast, engaging and personalized experiences that take the work out of shopping and underscore our commitment to using technology to save customers time and money.”

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