Nextech AR Announces Major Upgrades for Its AR Spatial Computing Platform, ARway
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Nextech AR Announces Major Upgrades for Its AR Spatial Computing Platform, ARway

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The leading provider of augmented reality experience technologies, Nextech AR Solutions, has announced significant upgrades to its augmented reality spatial mapping platform, ARway.

ARway, previously referred to as ARitize Maps, is a next-generation spatial computing platform built for the real-world metaverse to bring in new revenue for properties and brands with innovative augmented reality mapping solutions. The service comprises a mobile app as well as a no-code web-based creator portal and software development kit (SDK), which was recently launched to early adopters.

It enables creators to map, author, and publish various metaverse experiences, such as AR wayfinding or other exclusive branded AR activations. Companies can enhance the user experience through location-specific, interactive, and immersive AR content and proximity marketing campaigns to drive user engagement and maximize brand value.

“Spatial computing is beyond Virtual Reality and even Augmented Reality and I believe is the next big thing. It’s the logical next step in the ongoing convergence of the physical and digital worlds,” said Evan Gappelberg, CEO of Nextech.

Combining the capabilities of this technology with high-fidelity spatial mapping can foster a cutting-edge computer platform, such as ARway. It can help track and control the movements and interactions of objects as users navigate through the spatial. Spatial computing with the help of AI will ultimately enhance human-to-machine and machine-to-machine interactions to new levels of efficiency with wide-ranging applications across industries.

Some key upgrades to the platform include an updated mobile app for both IOS and Android devices, no-code capabilities, a Creator Portal connected to the mobile apps, including third-party and white label apps powered by the ARwayKit SDK, and a beta software development kit (SDK) for early adopters.

Several early adopters from diverse sectors, such as sporting venues, exhibition centers, universities, hospitals, government and public sector, and brands in retail, real estate, marketing, and consumer goods-related industries, have signed up and are co-developing the platform with Nextech AR.

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