ThirdEye Unveils AR Thermal Healthcare Holographic Solution for Hospitals

ThirdEye Unveils AR Thermal Healthcare Holographic Solution for Hospitals

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ThirdEye, a pioneer in Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence (AR/AI) solutions, has unveiled a hardware and software package for healthcare that is completely integrated. It offers solutions for AR telehealth, holographic displays, AI remote surgery, Alzheimer’s aid, vision impairment, and thermal display. 

The announcement follows the successful implementation of ThirdEye’s augmented reality (AR) solutions for the US Government, VA, Crozer, NHS, and other healthcare organizations. With the introduction of ThirdEye’s fully integrated thermal solution, a market-first patented software-hardware package that combines the human hologram view and the first-ever embedded thermal camera feed in the industry is now available.

“These new smart glasses are the latest pioneering tech and really show us what the future of the NHS could look like,” said Dr. Tim Ferris, NHS Director for Transformation.

The device benefits both staff and patients because it frees nurses from time-consuming administrative tasks, giving them more time to care for patients.

“We’re able to use the MR glasses to actually have a physician at our fingertips in a prehospital setting,” said Chief Egan, Chief of Emergency Medical Services for Crozer Health.

An invaluable benefit is that they allow the physician to provide the patient and the other providers with real-time feedback.

Remote consultations and monitoring are a few additional use cases for this AR solution. To diagnose patients and recommend treatments more precisely, augmented doctors can use reality (AR) to deliver real-time visual information during remote consultations.

In terms of offering an entirely digital end-to-end ecosystem of AI/AR products, ThirdEye is a market leader. It develops personal and enterprise apps, including games, entertainment, and business applications. The company is at the forefront of this innovation, which has the potential to revolutionize how the world operates. The team at ThirdEye has developed technology for the US Department of Defense for more than 20 years.

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