Belgard Unveils New Augmented Reality Features for Belgard Rooms Planner
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Belgard Unveils New Augmented Reality Features for Belgard Rooms Planner

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The leading company offering outdoor living essentials and related products, Belgard, has announced new features for its Augmented Reality powered Belgard Rooms Planner. The platform enables homeowners to pick and explore augmented reality plans by dropping them onto their outdoor space to experiment with several design ideas and ultimately bring them to life.

Belgard is a part of Oldcastle APG and offers a wide array of paver and wall products designed for outdoor living spaces, walkways, driveways, parking areas, and retaining walls.

The company’s new platform currently offers 25 AR Rooms that users can view on any device over an outdoor space. It enables the homeowners to explore and test a variety of Rooms, features, and styles to design their outdoor space to their liking and coordinate with contractors precisely. Belgard Rooms incorporates AR technology to connect the room plan to the ground through the device view, providing an accurate representation of the space and a smooth experience for the users.

The service was launched in 2021 to provide templated outdoor design plans for contractors and consumers. AR Rooms is the next iteration of Belgard Rooms that has received tremendous appreciation from homeowners and design professionals as it greatly simplifies the process for both sides of the project.

AR Rooms will launch with 25 initial outdoor room plans, and the company plans to introduce another 25 this summer. Apart from showcasing Belgard’s hardscape products, the platform includes furniture, plants, and more to deliver a more realistic and complete experience for individuals designing their outdoor space.

The company launched the AR feature of Belgard Rooms at the Philly Flower Show 2022. It received positive reviews and feedback from gardening and outdoor living enthusiasts.

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