Nreal Is All Set to Bring Its AR Glasses to Europe and the US
Nreal AR Glasses

Nreal Is All Set to Bring Its AR Glasses to Europe and the US

The makers of the ready-to-wear mixed reality (MR) glasses, Nreal, announced plans to expand to Europe and the U.S. by the second quarter of 2021. The company’s leading product, Nreal Light, has gained massive popularity in Korea and the increasing popularity of augmented reality experiences along with that, prompted the company to venture out to global markets.

“Amid a ‘new norm’ combined with the growing appetite for a new, Mixed Reality platform, customers have found solace in reviving their pre-pandemic theater-going and face-to-face meetings through Nreal Light,” the company stated.

In Korea, the company’s augmented reality glasses come bundled with the Galaxy Note 20 and LG Velvet. As per the company’s research, users of the Nreal Light average about 49 minutes per day on their devices.

Chi Xu, CEO and Founder at Nreal, said, “Mixed Reality is emerging as a transformative technology that is already seeing high rates of engagement perspective and incrementally changing how we interact with our mobile devices, from watching films on a digital IMAX-size screen or collaborating with colleagues from one’s bedroom.”

The company also released their plans of coming up with a redesigned enterprise edition of the product, specifically designed for industries like manufacturing, retail, tourism, education, and more. The Nreal Enterprise Edition sports a wrap-around halo design and enables eye-tracking and gesture recognition technology. The product is expected to hit the shelves sometime in 2021.

The company is also working on a bunch of new mixed reality apps such as a weather app, a basketball game, MMORPG, and a sports app. It is also collaborating with third-party hardware developers to enhance the compatibility of the Nreal Light. The FinchRing is one such mixed reality controller that has been developed through a partnership.

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