Tumi’s Spring 2021 Collection to Debut on the Brand’s New Virtual Store
Tumi virtual store

Tumi’s Spring 2021 Collection to Debut on the Brand’s New Virtual Store

After being first imagined in science fiction, virtual reality made its first appearance in the real world through an immersive film-viewing cabinet created in the 1950s. Half a century later, the technology now has several commercial applications that are flourishing and fundamentally altering the ways people connect.

VR’s mass adoption has been hindered by technological barriers and a lack of content but it is gradually emerging as the next-generation platform for many economic activities which were put to a halt due to the pandemic.

Getting on the VR bandwagon, Tumi, travel, lifestyle, and performance luxury brand launched its first online experiential store for customers in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. The brand’s new virtual store encourages its customers to walk through a journey that has been thoughtfully designed via several interactive touchpoints.

The virtual store is also connected to other Tumi shopping channels including local e-commerce websites enabling customers to interact with sales associates and make inquiries like they would have done at a retail outlet.

The platform, virtualstore.tumi-asia.com, sports the brand’s new spring/summer 2021 collection highlighting the company’s values of sustainability, innovation, and design which go beyond a singular or seasonal function.

One of the products, the new Alpha Bravo Spruce sustainable capsule collection, is made from recycled nylon and has been exclusively released on the virtual store and would otherwise be made available globally in April.

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