A Virtual Right Heart Catheter Training Course to Soon Be Introduced by Vantari VR
Virtual Right Heart Catheter Training Course

A Virtual Right Heart Catheter Training Course to Soon Be Introduced by Vantari VR

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The Australian VR startup, Vantari VR, is gearing up to introduce a virtual reality-based right heart catheter training program on its platform.

The program has been created in collaboration with Dr. Martin Brown, a cardiologist, and associate clinical professor at Macquarie University. He had previously developed the course with Janssen Pharmaceuticals in 2017, which the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand have since approved.

The program includes three stages, beginning with training clinicians in performing catheterization, then assisting them in recognizing waveforms from real patient cases, and finally, educating them on methods to manage complications.

The program was initially slated to launch nationwide last year, but it could not happen due to the coronavirus pandemic. It prompted Dr. Brown to develop a virtual course using Vantari VR’s platform.

A VR platform provides a ‘safe, complicated-free environment,’ said Dr. Brown. More importantly, it enhances the confidence amongst the trainees while helping them develop their skills in inserting catheters, recognizing disease patterns, and managing complications in a ‘protected manner’ without any risk to actual patients.

“The right heart catheter program is an exciting addition to our platform and opens up an array of potential applications in interventional cardiology,” said Dr. Nishanth Krishnananthan, Co-founder of Vantari VR.

“Our collaboration with A/P Brown started almost a year ago, and what a journey it has been. Creating a complex cardiology procedure in VR would have seemed unfathomable a few years ago, but the technology has grown rapidly, and we are proud to be leading the way at Vantari,” added Dr. Vijay Paul, another Co-founder at the company.

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