Hugo Boss to Offer Shoppers an Innovative Virtual Try-on Feature via Reactive Reality

Hugo Boss to Offer Shoppers an Innovative Virtual Try-on Feature via Reactive Reality

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The luxury fashion house headquartered in Germany, Hugo Boss, has partnered with Reactive Reality, a leading 3D digitization technology company, to enable its customers to create personalized avatars based on their precise body measurements. The custom mannequins would allow users to try on clothing in an incredibly detailed virtual dressing room.

Since the pandemic started, more people have shopped online than ever before, some even doing so solely in place of going to physical stores. However, shoppers may find it challenging to determine their perfect clothing size if they cannot try on the apparel appropriately. 

Hugo Boss’s new virtual feature aims to alter that, so its customers don’t have to purchase multiple sizes, deal with returns, or analyze models with body types that don’t truly reflect them.

“We know that the global pandemic has considerably accelerated the fashion retail market, and we want to help retailers keep up with the demands of consumers who are looking for new and exciting ways to shop online,” said Stefan Hauswiesner, CEO and co-founder of Reactive Reality.

The company’s technology, which brands can include in any web store or shopping app, provides the ideal option for both parties since many customers throughout the world may not yet feel comfortable or able to enter physical stores.

Customers can design their own digital mannequins that are specifically suited to their measurements using Reactive Reality’s patented PICTOFiT augmented reality technology. After that, shoppers can digitally try on a range of Hugo Boss products, such as with a shirt tucked in or out, to test a garment’s transparency or to see how the piece looks when layered with other items.

PICTOFiT is the most sophisticated virtual try-on solution available to consumers worldwide. The virtual try-on tool is currently only accessible to customers in Germany, the UK, and France. It will eventually be made available to more shoppers by online retailers across the globe.

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